Yambo 5.0.x Release

The Yambo team is proud to announce the release of Yambo 5.0.2. New features include:

  • a reorganization of the executables. For example yambo_kerr is now part of the yambo executable and there is no need anymore, for the users, to distinguish the two;
  • an improved command line for the generation of the input files;
  • the extended release of projects (such as yambo_rt and yambo_ph) for which the gpl version was, so far, limited;
  • the release of new projects contained in the self-consistent module of the Yambo code, the yambo_sc executable. The new yambo_sc also includes the “magnetic” and “electric” projects previously known to developers as part of yambo_magnetic and yambo_electric;
  • several improvements to the core part of the Yambo code (GW and BSE)
  • extended CUDA support.

The complete release notes can be found here.

The code can be download here.