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The Wikipedia Page of Yambo Yambo@Wiki

Fortran cafe The Fortran Cafe'

Bethe-Salpeter wine The Bethe-Salpeter-Equation (BSE) wine

A street entitled to Yambo in Rome
A bar entitled to Yambo in Rome
A bar entitled to Yambo in Rome Yambo road, bar & restaurant


The Yambo forum is now open! Please register at the forum and join in the discussions, ask for help in compiling or running the code, post feature requests, or just browse the archives. However, we ask you first to run the tutorials and browse the documentation to see if your problem has already been addressed there.


Please note that the forum is now the main place to make enquiries about Yambo! However, if you need to send some direct criticisms, compliments, formal enquiries, beer, please direct all communication to yambo@yambo-code.org.

Note: Please do NOT contact the developers directly to ask for help with using the code. This is what the forum is for. Remember: this is not a commercial enterprise! We are not paid to offer support for Yambo!

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