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The Wikipedia Page of Yambo Yambo@Wiki

Fortran cafe The Fortran Cafe'

Bethe-Salpeter wine The Bethe-Salpeter-Equation (BSE) wine

A street entitled to Yambo in Rome
A bar entitled to Yambo in Rome
A bar entitled to Yambo in Rome Yambo road, bar & restaurant


This page contains the runlevels for the new yambo beta version 3.4.0 released under GPL.
For versions up to 3.3.0 check here: old command line options.

yambo synopsis

% yambo -h

This is yambo 3.3.1 rev.1966
Usage: yambo -h -H -J  -V  -F  -I  -O  -C  -N -D -S -M -i -o  -k  -y  -c -x -d -b -p  -g  -l -a
Try `yambo -H' for more information

Note that options requiring [opt] cannot be combined into one, e.g. use yambo -x -o c rather than yambo -xo c.


-h Short Help
-H Long Help
-J <opt> Job string identifier
-V <opt> Input Verbosity [opt=RL,kpt,sc,qp,io,gen,resp,all]
-F <opt> Input file
-I <opt> Core I/O directory
-O <opt> Additional I/O directory
-C <opt> Communications I/O directory
-N Skip MPI initialization
-D DataBases properties
-S DataBases fragmentation
-i Initialization
-o <opt> Optics [opt=(c)hi is (g)-space/(b)se is (eh)-space]
-k <opt> Kernel [opt=hartree/alda/lrc/hf/sex/bsfxc]
(hf/sex only eh-space; lrc only G-space)
-y <opt> BSE solver [opt=h/d/i]
-c Coulomb interaction
-x Hartree-Fock Self-energy and local XC
-b Static Inverse Dielectric Matrix
-d Dynamical Inverse Dielectric Matrix
-p <opt> GW approximations [opt=(p)PA/(c)OHSEX]
-g <opt> Dyson Equation solver [opt=(n)ewton/(s)ecant)/(g)reen]