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Abinit to yambo interface (a2y)

The a2y interface to Abinit reads the KSS Abinit file that is normally generated prior to a GW calculation. More informations about how to generate the KSS file can be found here.


% a2y -F KSS_file


-h Short Help.
-H Long Help.
-N force a2y to run in sequential mode (skip MPI).
-F <opt> Specify the name/prefix of the KSS file name.
-N Skip MPI initialization
-O <opt> Output directory
-S DataBases fragmentation
-a Lattice constants rescaling factor
-d Duplicate states (artificial spin polarization, for testing purposes only)
-t Force use of spatial inversion instead of time reversal symmetry
-w Force no wavefunctions

Note that, if your KSS file name is C2h3_surf.KSS you can either use

a2y -F C2h3_surf.KSS
a2y -F C2h3_surf