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Fortran cafe The Fortran Cafe'

Bethe-Salpeter wine The Bethe-Salpeter-Equation (BSE) wine

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A bar entitled to Yambo in Rome
A bar entitled to Yambo in Rome Yambo road, bar & restaurant

Yambo Documentation

Quick Guide Code Structure

Installing yambo

To follow this documentations you should have already downloaded and installed yambo. If this is not the case please follow the instructions unther the Download menu: How to get yambo up and running on your computer.

Preparing the input databases

How to generate the yambo databases by converting data from standard ab initio DFT codes using the provided interface routines: Some sample NetCDF input databases are available in the tutorial page.

Want to help us import data from another code? Let us know at yambo@yambo-code.org

Running yambo and ypp

The basic information you need to use yambo and ypp (yambo post processor).