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This page contains the runlevels for the new yambo beta version 3.4.0 released under GPL.
For versions up to 3.3.0 check here: old runlevels.


What do you want yambo to calculate? Specify your choice by passing to yambo the command line options corresponding to the required runlevels. Here you will find a brief description of each runlevel. For the input variables connected to each runlevel please visit the Input file section. For the theoretical background connected please visit the Documentation section.

Calculation type: general Command line
Setupyambo -i
Coulomb interactionyambo -c
Calculation type: QP corrections Command line
Hartree-Fock self-energyyambo -x
Static COHSEX approximationyambo -p c
Dynamical screened interaction W(ω)
Plasmon Pole approximationyambo -p p
RPA (real-axis integration)yambo -d
GW solvers
Newton solveryambo -g n
Secant solveryambo -g s
Greens solveryambo -g g
GW lifetimesyambo -l
Calculation type: Absorption Command line
g-space optics (chi)yambo -o g (-o c)
eh-space optics (bse)yambo -o eh (-o b)
Approximations for the Kernel
Time-dependent Hartree yambo -k hartree
Time-dependent DFT: ALDA yambo -k alda
Time-dependent DFT: long-range yambo -k lrc
Time-dependent Hartree-Fock yambo -k hf
Full BSE with screened interaction yambo -k sex
Static screened interaction yambo -b
BSE solvers
Haydock yambo -y h
Diagonalization yambo -y d
Inversion yambo -y i

yambo_kerr project Command line
Kerr effect yambo_kerr -o b

yambo_ph project Command line
Electron-phonon interaction yambo_ph

yambo_surf project Command line
RAS yambo_surf -s r
REELS yambo_surf -s e

Runlevel combinations

In practice, it is often better to activate several runlevels at the same time by specifying a combination of command line options. Some standard examples are given below. However, we strongly suggest that you follow the tutorials to learn how to use yambo properly and combine the runlevels correctly.