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Fortran cafe The Fortran Cafe'

Bethe-Salpeter wine The Bethe-Salpeter-Equation (BSE) wine

A street entitled to Yambo in Rome
A bar entitled to Yambo in Rome
A bar entitled to Yambo in Rome Yambo road, bar & restaurant

Ypp (Yambo Post Processor) runlevels

The list of the available options in ypp is given below. For the input variables connected to each runlevel please visit the Input file section.

Calculation type Command line Brief description
BZ kpoint grid generatorypp -k k
Excitons sortypp -e s
Excitons amplitudeypp -e a
Excitons wave-functionypp -e w
Generate/modify a quasi-particle databaseypp -q
Electrons wave-functionsypp -s w
Electronic densityypp -s d
Density of states ypp -s e
Band structure interpolation ypp -s b
BZ energy RIM analyzerypp -r
Read BXSF files generated by Wannier 90ypp -b