yambo 4.2.0 - NetCDF: Variable not found

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Davide Sangalli
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Re: yambo 4.2.0 - NetCDF: Variable not found

Post by Davide Sangalli » Thu Oct 18, 2018 5:42 pm

Dear Aleksandr,
just a quick suggestion without looking to much into the problem.

Give a yambo version X.Y, releases with different patchlevels just include bug-fixes compared to previous releases.
See here: https://github.com/yambo-code/yambo/wik ... gz-format)

You are presently using 4.2.0, which since its release, have been upgraded with several bug-fixes.
(Indeed in the report you sent it says 4.2.0, in the log 4.2.1, so I'm not really sure which of the two you are using)
Could you check if, using 4.2.4, you still experience the same problems.

Another quick suggestion. In the log, I see you used the flag --enable-netcdf-hdf5.
I'd suggest not to use it.

Davide Sangalli, PhD
CNR-ISM, Division of Ultrafast Processes in Materials (FLASHit) and MaX Centre

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Daniele Varsano
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Re: yambo 4.2.0 - NetCDF: Variable not found

Post by Daniele Varsano » Thu Oct 18, 2018 5:45 pm

Dear Sasha,
it seems you are using 4.2.1, looking at the config.log file:
It was created by Yambo configure 4.2.1 r.14778
As Davide suggests, switch to an updated source and disable the hdf5 support,


Dr. Daniele Varsano
S3-CNR Institute of Nanoscience and MaX Center, Italy
MaX - Materials design at the Exascale

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Re: yambo 4.2.0 - NetCDF: Variable not found

Post by Alesster » Fri Oct 19, 2018 3:07 pm

Dear All,

Yes, the installation of Yambo v.4.2.4 and disabling the hdf5 support solved the problem. The yambo run completed without errors.

Thank you very much to all.

Best regards,
Dr. Aleksandr Terentjev
Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC),
E-20018 Donostia, Basque Country, Spain.

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