A new repository for a growing community

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A new repository for a growing community

Postby andrea marini » Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:27 pm

To facilitate the development and distribution of the code, and the interaction with and among users, we have opened a repository on QE-forge (http://qe-forge.org) entirely dedicated to the GPL version of Yambo. This means that the GPL source will not be anymore hosted on a branch of the development trunk of the code.

The most important benefit of this transition is that anyone will be able to access the Yambo repository via the qe-forge portal. Any new user will receive a username and password at the registration and use it to access the repository. We will have new dedicated services like a mailing-list where the release of new revisions of the code will be announced, and a bug-tracking utility.

The reason we decided to move the GPL source to a new location is that we are working to create a community among the Yambo users. We would like to create interactions between the users in order to facilitate contributions to the development and to the debugging of the code.

Therefore, we warmly invite you to become a member of the Yambo project on QE-forge. Just open this link (http://qe-forge.org/projects/yambo/) and click on "Request to join". Please sign in your real name + surname and provide your affiliation.

Another very good reason for registering and checking-out the latest source is the addition of two new features to the GPL version:
  • COHSEX self-energy
  • real-axis GW (beyond the Plasmon-pole approximation)
  • lifetime calculations

This new features will be included in the next revision of the code. We are also planning to release e new version of the code with an extended
and performing memory distribution in parallel runs.

Finally, signing in as a member would be a recognition for our work and effort to make Yambo available to the community.

We take this opportunity to thank you for your interest and we are confident to count you among the Yambo members on QE-forge.

Note that only the download page and the repository have been moved on qe-forge. All other services (including the forum) will continue to be hosted on the yambo web-page (http://www.yambo-code.org).
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