Too many files in the SAVE directory

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Too many files in the SAVE directory

Post by javad » Wed Sep 16, 2015 4:18 pm

Dear yambo developers

I'm performing different BSE calculations with Yambo, to check parameters and so on, but I have a problem.

When I try to erase the old files in the SAVE folder, doing

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rm SAVE/ndb.BS*
I get the error message

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bash: /bin/rm: Argument list too long
it there a way to generate less files in the SAVE folder?

Javad Exirifard
IPM - Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences
P. O. Box 19395-5746
Niavaran Square
Tehran, Iran

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Daniele Varsano
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Re: Too many files in the SAVE directory

Post by Daniele Varsano » Wed Sep 16, 2015 4:37 pm

Dear Javad,

This is a known problem, here some workarounds:

Solution 1: Parallelize the BSE over the K-points e.g.:

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BS_CPU= "16 1 1"              # [PARALLEL] CPUs for each role
BS_ROLEs= "k eh t"  
Solution 2: Avoid to write database on file:

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Solution 1, the more cpu you use, lesser files you will have in the SAVE dir.
Solution 2, preferred. Any file will be written on disk, so you have to diagonalize it on the same run. Drawbacks, any restart is possible.

In an internal devel version we have implemented a way to soften this problem by avoiding this huge fragmentation. We will insert it in the release very soon.


Dr. Daniele Varsano
S3-CNR Institute of Nanoscience and MaX Center, Italy
MaX - Materials design at the Exascale

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Davide Sangalli
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Re: Too many files in the SAVE directory

Post by Davide Sangalli » Wed Sep 16, 2015 4:59 pm

Dear Javad,
another quick suggestion which may help is to run yambo with the -J JOBNAME option.
In this way the run will create a folder named JOBANAME and put there all the ndb.BS* files
Thus to erase them you can simply run: rm -r JOBNAME

This will avoid the problem.

Davide Sangalli, PhD
CNR-ISM, Division of Ultrafast Processes in Materials (FLASHit) and MaX Centre

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