Yambo 4.0.0 mem_est

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Yambo 4.0.0 mem_est

Postby liuyuaustin » Tue Dec 05, 2017 7:52 pm

Hi developers,

I'm working through the the tutorial at http://www.yambo-code.org/tutorials/dev ... o/code.php to learn more about the structure of the
Yambo code. I understand there is a change in the way memory allocation is done in 4.2.0. In part 3 of the tutorial (based on 4.0.0) there are calls to mem_est, which
has been deprecated in 4.2.0, is it appropriate to simply replace mem_est with calls to YAMBO_ALLOC and YAMBO_FREE?

Austin Liu
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Re: Yambo 4.0.0 mem_est

Postby Daniele Varsano » Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:59 am

Dear Austin,
the structure of the memory handling has rather changed in the last releases, a simple substitution of that calls is not feasible.
Anyway I think that it is still possible to follow the spirit of that tutorial using the 4.2 having in mind that some parts of the code have changed. This was prepared for a school held in 2015 and we should update that part of the tutorial if we want include it in the next schools.
Thanks for reporting.

At this wiki page:
you can find the new tutorials we prepared for the last school where we have included also tutorials about the parallelization strategies in Yambo, but unfortunately we skipped the "Developing Yambo" hands-on.



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