hands-on meetings for YAMBO in 2018

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hands-on meetings for YAMBO in 2018

Post by damao4361556 » Thu Feb 01, 2018 2:54 am

Dear yambo developers,

are there the hands-on meetings for YAMBO in 2018, just curiously.
I plan to keep it in mind and then hope to get participated.

Wei Li
Institute of theoretical chemistry
Jilin University, PR China

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Daniele Varsano
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Re: hands-on meetings for YAMBO in 2018

Post by Daniele Varsano » Thu Feb 01, 2018 7:18 am

Dear Eric,
Usually, we organize the Yambo school once every two years. Next one is, therefore, planned for spring 2019.
Nevertheless, It is possible that, during the two years, small satellite schools are organized.
But this depends on the invites we receive or alternative possibilities of funding.
At the moment we do not have any event scheduled in 2018 if something will be organized it will be advertised on the web page,
quantum-espresso mailing list, psi-k mailing list etc.


Dr. Daniele Varsano
S3-CNR Institute of Nanoscience and MaX Center, Italy
MaX - Materials design at the Exascale

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