reading ndb.QP error

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reading ndb.QP error

Postby will » Mon Aug 06, 2018 1:52 pm

Hi all,
I am trying to do the tutorial about silicon's electron-phonon effects. I have successfully obtained the linewidths and produced ndb.QP. When I was doing BSE calculation and reading quasiparticle linewidth and self-energy correction from the previous ndb.QP, I got a problem. It says,
03.01] External/Internal QP corrections
[WARNING]I/O problems from QP database /gpfs/share/home/1601110186/work/yambo/si/prim/k444-r50/elph/ELPH/08_OMS_300K/ndb.QP
[K]VBM / CBm [ev]: 0.000000 1.247875
[K]Fermi Level [ev]: 0.000000
[K]Electronic Temp. [ev K]: 0.00 0.00
[K]Bosonic Temp. [ev K]: 0.00 0.00
[K]Finite Temperature mode: no
[K]El. density [cm-3]: 0.198E+24
[K]States summary : Full Metallic Empty
0001-0004 0005-0060
[K]Indirect Gaps [ev]: 1.247875 5.063156
[K]Direct Gaps [ev]: 3.071441 8.607311
[QP apply] Ind. Gap Correction [ev]: 0.520000
Can anyone help me? Thanks!
Best regards,
Xiaowei Zhang
Ph.D. Student
ICQM, Peking University
Beijing, China
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