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yambo input file structure

The yambo input file has a two column format. In the left column you will find the list of input variables (their names, values and units), while on the right you will find their description and their environment.

Variables in a yambo input file can be divided into:

Environments are divided into physical environments, several of which can appear in a single yambo run, and technical environments, which describe some of the internal workings of yambo.

Technical environments

Physical environments

For example, part of the optics input file is:

 yambo -o c :
 optics              # (R)(OPT)Optics
 FFTGvecs=459     RL # (FFT) Plane-waves
opticsVariable name
FFTGvecsVariable name: links to specific variable guide
459Variable value (can be changed)
RLUnit (reciprocal lattice): links to unit guide
(R)This variable is a runlevel
(OPT)The physical environment: links to theory documentation
OpticsThe variable description
(FFT)The technical environment: links to theory documentation
Plane-wavesThe variable description