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Input file verbosity level

Computation of excited states is a complicated task, and so it is not surprising that there are many parameters that can be modified before running a calculation. For most users (or runlevels), however, the default settings of these parameters usually suffices, so it should not necessary to show the more advanced options. To handle this, Yambo uses the concept of "verbosity" in its input files, which is controlled by the -V [opt] command line option. If -V [opt] is not specified, the set of basic default variables are suggested.

As an example consider the QP parameters controllers. To modify the QP corrections in a RPA run the user must use

% yambo -o c -V qp
otherwise they will not appear in the input file.

NB: You will not see all possible variables in the input file if -V [opt] is not specified!!

For production runs let yambo decide which variables must be explicitly declared.

Verbosity Options

The list of input file variables/flags corresponding to particular verbosity options are given on the input file page.