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Ypp (Yambo Post Processor) runlevels

The list of the available options in ypp is given below: follow the links to obtain detailed description of each variable specific to that runlevel. Variables are split into default variables and ones switched on using a verbosity (-V RL/kpt/sc/qp/io/gen/resp) command line option.

Calculation typeCommand lineInput file
BZ kpoint grid generatorypp -k kLink to variables
Excitons sortypp -e s
Excitons amplitudeypp -e a
Excitons wave-functionypp -e w
Generate/modify a quasi-particle databaseypp -q
Electrons wave-functionsypp -s w
Electronic densityypp -s d
Density of states ypp -s e
Band structure interpolation ypp -s b Link to variables
BZ energy RIM analyzerypp -rLink to variables
Read BXSF files generated by Wannier 90ypp -bLink to variables