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PhD Theses

  • Optical, Electronic, and Thermodynamic Properties of Layered Mixed Anion Compounds
  • Jason Michael Vielma, Oregon State University (2013).
  • Fotocolheita em Interface Hibrida de Molecula Organica e Oxido de Titanio
  • Leonardo Matheus Marion Jorge, San Paolo, Brazil (2013)
  • Coulomb-driven recombinations in semiconductors: from bulk to nanocrystals
  • Marco Govoni, Modena, Italy (2012)
  • Challenges for first–principles methods in theoretical and computational physics: multiple excitations in many–electrons systems and the Aharonov–Bohm effect in carbon nanotubes
  • Davide Sangalli, Milan, Italy (2011)
  • Giant polaronic effects in polymers: breakdown of the quasiparticle picture
  • Elena Cannuccia, Rome, Italy (2011)
  • Pressure-induced metal-insulator transition on solid Tellurium and liquid Iodine
  • Daniele Chermisi, Rome, Italy (2010)
  • Electron Interactions & Quantum Transport
  • Carsten Rostgaard, Lyngby, Denmark (2009)
  • Engineering Silicon Nanostructures: theoretical study of the effects ofdoping with Boron and Phosphorus
  • Federico Iori, Modena, Italy (2007)
  • First principles description of response functions in low dimensional systems
  • Daniele Varsano, San Sebastian, Spain (2006)
  • Optical and electronic properties of Copper and Silver: from Density Functional Theory to Many Body Effects
  • Andrea Marini, Rome, Italy (2001)

Habilitation Theses

  • Silicon surfaces and gold nanoparticles
  • Olivier Pluchery, Paris, France (2010)
  • Electronic excitations in complex systems: beyond density functional theory for real materials
  • S. Botti, Lyon, France (2010)
  • Theoretical Spectroscopy of Boron Nitride Nanotubes and Graphene
  • L. Wirtz, Lille, France (2009)

Master Theses and Internship Reports

  • Ab-initio study of structural, electronic and optial properties of silicene nanoribbons2
  • Matteo Ferri, Universitá degli studi di Milano, Milano, Italy (2016)
  • Ab-initio study of the optical spectra of the transparent conducting oxide CuInO2
  • Woyten Tielesch, Université Claude Bernard – Lyon 1, France (2010)