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About Yambo

The primary reference for Yambo is the article:

Yambo: an ab initio tool for excited state calculations
Andrea Marini, Conor Hogan, Myrta Grüning, Daniele Varsano
Comp. Phys. Comm. 180, 1392 (2009). [pdf]

Auxililary material: Sample input files and databases needed to run the basic calculations described in the paper are distributed with the code. To reproduce the more demanding well-converged spectra shown in Fig. 8, users can download from here (size 20 Mb) the Abinit and Yambo input files and the Yambo databases directly.

Using Yambo

The list of works that cite yambo grows every year and it is almost impossible to keep an updated database. The database was, indeed, updated up to the beginning of 2015 and can be found here (2010-2015 publication list).

For, instead, an updated and complete list of papers citing Yambo refer to the scholar serach engine.


Here a snapshot updated on the 22nd of December 2016.