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What is Yambo

YAMBO is an open-source code released within the GPL licence. 

YAMBO implements Many-Body Perturbation Theory (MBPT) methods (such as GW and BSE) and Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory (TDDFT), which allows for accurate prediction of fundamental properties as band gaps of semiconductors, band alignments, defect quasi-particle energies, optics and out-of-equilibrium properties of materials.

The code resorts to previously computed electronic structure, usually at the Density Functional Theory (DFT) level and for this reason it is interfaced with two of the most used planewave DFT codes used in scientific community, Quantum ESPRESSO and Abinit.  



Latest News

Yambo YouTube channel

The Yambo YouTube channel is finally online! On our channel you can find  all lectures and tutorials given at the …
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New installation wiki page

A new web-page with instructions to install Yambo is available on wiki: Installation. All new configure options of Yambo 5.0 …
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New tutorial on optical properties at finite temperature

A new tutorial on optical properties at finite temperature is available in the wiki web-page of Yambo. Notice that in …
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Virtual school on electronic excitations in solids and nanostructures using the Yambo code

Dates: 8-9 April, 15-16 April 2021 Registration:  you can register in the Cecam school webpage Deadline: 25/03/2021 Overview: Computational materials science …
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