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Tutorial files

To follow the tutorials, you must first download or copy data files for each system. Files are distributed as gzipped tarballs. Always extract the tarballs in the same place.
Available systems are: hBN.tar.gz, hBN-2D.tar.gz. You will need both hBN and hBN-2D tarballs.

Files can be found here:

Instructions for CECAM students

Full tutorials

If you are starting out with Yambo, or even an experienced user, we recommend that you complete the following tutorials before trying to use Yambo for your system. Each tutorial is fairly standalone, although some require that you have completed previous ones.


Quasiparticles in the GW approximation

Using Yambo in Parallel

  • Parallel GW: strategies for running Yambo in parallel
  • GW convergence: use Yambo in parallel to converge a GW calculation for a layer of hBN (hBN-2D)

Excitons and the Bethe-Salpeter Equation

Yambo-python driver


An alternative way to learn Yambo is through a more detailed look at our documentation modules. These provide a focus on the input parameters, run time behaviour, and underlying physics behind each yambo task or runlevel. Although they can be followed separately, they are better followed as part of the more structured tutorials given above.