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Download the yambo source as explained in Getting Yambo.

Yambo can make good use of external libraries like FFTW, ESSL, BLAS, netCDF, and so on. It is worth identifying if they are already installed on your system, especially for HPCs.

Quick install

If you are lucky, the configure script will successfully find the best compiler options.

% tar -xvzf yambo-latest.tar.gz
% cd yambo-X.X.X
% ./configure
% make yambo ypp interfaces

Executables are found in the bin folder. To check that it works:

% ./bin/yambo

Cannot access CORE database (SAVE/*db1 and/or SAVE/*wf)

Full install

In general, however, some fine-tuning will be necessary to link the requested libraries.

./configure --help

for a large set of options.

Insert details here...

After configure, you can also edit the config/setup file.

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