Bethe-Salpeter diagonalization

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Run Initialization
Run Static screening

Run GW in PPA
Run Bethe-Salpeter Kernel

Create the input

for h-BN bulk

$ yambo -F -b -o b -k sex -V qp -y d

or for h-BN 2D

$ yambo -F -b -o b -k sex -V qp -r  -y d 

Open the input and uncomment the following line

  1. WRbsWF # [BSS] Write to disk excitonic the FWs

This will allow to write the exctionic eigenvector and eigenvalues to be use in post-processing runs

Close in input and run the code

For hBN bulk

$ yambo -F  -J 3D 


For hBN-2D

$ yambo -F -J 2D