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Yambo source download

The Yambo source can be downloaded from the QE-Forge portal.
Either a full access to the SVN repository or tar-balls and patches are available.

Getting the latest snapshot with subversion

For those of you who don't know what Subversion is, Subversion is a version control system that is something like an improved CVS. For more information, see here. The subversion book is online together with the FAQ page.

You need to have subversion (executable svn) installed on your machine to download the Yambo source.

To obtain the GPL source, do this:

  • Register. You will get a user-name ( QE-FORGE-USERNAME) and a password (QE-FORGE-PASSWORD) you will use to gain access to the SVN repository.
  • go to the yambo project and click on Request to join.
  • wait for our approval mail.
  • subscribe to the mailing-lists to keep you up-to-date.
  • install svn on your machine and use the QE-forge username and passwords to download a snapshot of the source. (Presently supported versions are VERSION=3.4 and VERSION=4.0)

[[File:../page-images/yambo+qe+SVN.png]] Click above to go to the main Yambo project page on QE-forge.

Note on revision numbering: Regular users of the Yambo repository will notice that the revision numbering has apparently been reset to 1: this coincides with the creation of a separate Yambo GPL source on QE-forge (see the forum announcement for details). The new repository contains the source files for the first official tarball releases (3.1.2 (r300), 3.2.0 (r315), and 3.2.1 (r448) are present as new revisions 1, 2, and 3), as well as newer commits. However, Yambo still internally makes use of the old revision numbering, as seen in the report files, e.g. new revision 4 outputs:

# GPL Version 3.2.2 Revision 616

Thus when reporting problems, make sure to quote the internal revision number!
In the SVN repository you will find two version of Yambo, a stable one, and a developing one. We advise to use the stable version for production runs.

You can see the last changes to Yambo on: The Yambo-commits Archives

Getting a dedicated branch inside the gpl repository (experimental)

Yambo is a GPL code mantained by a small team of researchers. If you would like to help us coding new features or simply you would like to modify the code for your needs, we advise to follow the online tutorial [[../tutorials/developing_yambo/index.php|Developing yambo]]. Together with this tutorial we are also setting up specific subversion branches inside the GPL repository. Thus, in case you are interested, please contact the yambo team and we will be glad to set up a specific branch for your needs.

SVN repository ? No thanks, I want the tar-balls

In this case go directly to the files section of the Yambo project page. No registration and/or password is required. Nevertheless we warmly invite all Yambo users to use the SVN repository whenever possible.

[[File:../page-images/yambo+qe+files.png]] Click above to go to the Files section of the Yambo project page on QE-forge.

If you need any further help regarding the access to the Yambo download page please send an E-mail to