Dynamic screening (PPA)

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Run Initialization
Run Truncated Coulomb potential  (only for 2D)

Create the input file:

$ yambo -F 02_Wp.in -p p -k hartree  (for a 3D)


$ yambo -F 02_Wp_2D.in -p p -k hartree -r (for a 2D)

Open the input file Change the size in G-space and the bands of the polarization function as:

% BndsRnXp
  1 |  40 |                 # [Xp] Polarization function bands
 NGsBlkXp= 2 Ry  # [Xp] Response block size

Close the input and run the code

$ yambo -F 02_Wp.in (for 3D)


$ yambo -F 02_Wp_2D.in (for 2D)