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Download and use it

Download and configure (warning the last step will download ~1GB)

%git clone https://github.com/yambo-code/yambo-tests.git yambo-tests
%cd test-suite
%./configure --with-yambo=/home/marini/Yambo/yambo/master/
%./driver.pl -d all

Run the test suite and wait for it to finish (warning yambo, ypp, p2y, a2y, yambo_rt and ypp_rt need to be already compiled)

%./driver.pl -tests Si_bulk -keys rt

Check for available options

%./driver.pl -H

Add a new input inside a test

%cd TESTS/MAIN/Si_bulk/RT

create input file

%cp my_test.in INPUTS/XX_testname
%git add       INPUTS/XX_testname
%cp *my_tests* REFERENCE
%git add       REFERENCE/*my_test*
%git commit

After that if you go back to the main folder and run

%./driver.pl -tests Si_bulk -keys rt

the new test ill be executed

For a more extended description see Test-suite