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Getting started

The tutorials listed below are meant to give some introductive background to the key concepts connected to the use of the Yambo code. Basic concepts like convergence of the calculations are also discussed. Still, the users are invited to read and study the pertinent documentation in order to get used to the most foundamental Physical quantities.

Some of the tutorials are provided with the yambo input files. Also the output of the calculations are given to be used as a reference. For all systems the ground state input files (Abinit and/or PWscf) and pseudopotentials are provided.

For each TUTORIAL (Solid_LiF, Solid_Al, ...) , therefore, you can download the ground state files (zip archive named TUTORIAL_ground_state.zip) and generate the Yambo databases from your own by running abinit/PWscf and a2y/p2y. In this case the Yambo input and reference files are contained in the zip file (TUTORIAL_reference_files.zip). Alternatively, if (and only if) you have compiled yambo with the NetCDF support you can directly download the zip files containing the Yambo core databases (TUTORIAL_NETCDF_databases_and_reference_files.zip). These are generated using the NetCDF interface in order to be readable in any platform.

After you have downloaded the tutorial zip files and unziped them you should have now a tutorial tree:

% ls 
COPYING  Fantastic_Dimensions/  Hydrogen_Chain/  README  Solid_LiF/ Solid_Al/ SiH4/ ...

In each folder you will find an Abinit or Pwscf subfolder in case you have downloaded the ground state zip files and the YAMBO subfolder. The tutorials start by entering the YAMBO subfolder and followinf the informations provided in the tutorial documentation.

Tutorial files and documentations

In the table below all tutorials are listed with a short description and the list of available files. Download the file you prefer with the tutorial files and, then, click on the picture on the left to start the tutorial.